15 signs that you're obsessed with BJJ

If you can say yes to 5 or more: you're a little bit obsessed. If you can say yes to 8 or more: you have a bit of a problem. If you can say yes to 10 or more: You may need addiction counselling.

If you can say yes to all: Call a priest because you have been possessed by Helio Gracie 

(1) You constantly find yourself thinking about your last roll and how you could have dominated if only you had...

(2) You accept that blokes genitals in the vicinity of your mouth is just one of those things.

(3) You turn over in bed at night by posting your foot and sliding your hips to turn instead of just rolling over.

(4) You catch yourself attempting to pass your girlfriend’s guard or applying sneaky submissions.

(5) You carry an extra Gi in the boot of the car... Just in case!

(6) You think up excuses so you need to 'pop out' for a few hours or have to 'work late' to get an other session in..

(7) You start teaching your baby the mount, the side mount, and the guard.

(8) Your Gi has more patches on it than the local boy scout group.

(9) You look at a what other guys are wearing and think how you can execute a collar choke.

(10) When you hug somebody, you ALWAYS establish underhooks. 

(11) You don't watch TV, you just watch BJJ Videos.

(12) Your washing machine is on 24/7... washing Gi's.

(13) Every joint is sore, every day, all year.

(14) When someone greets you with a handshake, you want to go for the armdrag and take their back.

(15) Finally, when you watch any action movie involving a choke you tut and shake your head because they're doing it wrong.