How to care for your Wolfhound BJJ Gi

There are lots different recommendations as what is the best approach to washing your BJJ Gi/kimono but we like to keep it simple. Our Gi's are 100% cotton and preshrunk but due to the nature of cotton, minimal shrinkage may occur. Some brands will say theirs won't shrink, but if they are cotton, they will. 

We recommend that you wash them separately to other clothing to avoid colour running. There is nothing worse than buying a pristine white Gi and ending up with an off colour grey, pink or mint one due to another item of clothing being in the same wash! Most other people don't understand the value and pride of a pristine Gi, so you really should undertake the cleaning yourself… or give detailed instructions! If you are unfortunate enough to have a rogue sock dye your GI, keep it wet and wash it in Napisan, this is a great product for getting your whites white (it was created for washing old cloth nappies so you get the idea). 

Make sure to always wash your Jiu Jitsu Gi in cold water only, we recommend 30 degrees or under. Washing on a higher temperature can not only cause excessive shrinking but can also warp the collar of the jacket. The collars are made from vulcanised rubber to give it strength and durability (and make it hard as hell to grip!). Washing and drying on high temperatures can cause the collar to warp out of shape. NOT GOOD. There is absolutely no need to wash it any hotter and thankfully washing machines and detergent these days are able to give optimum results on 30 degree washes. 

To increase the lifespan of your Jiu Jitsu Gi wash with an organic or non-bio detergent. Don't tumble dry, this will cause excessive shrinkage and it will also loose shape. Don't put your Gi on a radiator or artificially dry it, again, this will cause shrinkage and make the fibres rough (although some sadistic competitors like this as it really makes collar chokes unbearable!). Don't bleach your Gi, if you need to get a stain out look at a gentle stain remover or even better, use something natural - Again, Napisan is great for helping to keep your white Gi blindingly white!

Our Jiu Jitsu Gi's have been made to withstand constant use which also includes regular washing... lets face it, you have to wash them regularly as nobody likes roiling with an unhygienic partner.

If you are one of the strange people who has the time to iron their Gi (we would much rather train than do the ironing) or if you are lucky enough to have somebody who will iron it for you, please iron inside out and do not iron over any of the embroidery.