Our Motto: Tada Gan Iarracht... Nothing Without Effort

...Nothing without effort.

Tada gan iarracht is an old Irish phrase meaning 'Nothing without effort' or simply put 'No Pain No Gain.' Anyone who has studied a martial art, especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, knows the effort and training required to succeed. It is not a sport for everyone, it's a way of life and to succeed you need dedication, intelligence, skill, strength, stamina and patience. 

Wolfhound Fightwear was established in 2013 in the Republic of Ireland with the aim of providing high quality Irish fighting apparel to national and international martial arts practitioners. Recognising the absence in the market of any fightwear with a uniquely Irish feel, Wolfhound Fightwear was established to cater for the rapidly expanding Irish MMA/BJJ market. As any BJJ practitioner will know, it is a sport that requires dedication, sacrifice and focus, hence our adoption of the Irish expression "Tada gan iarracht" - Nothing Without Effort. This motto is also relevant to the commitment and time we have invested into creating a stylish, unique and affordable Gi that is made the the very highest standards as we spent over a year researching and developing our products to ensure they are the best quality at affordable prices. 

A tradesman is only as good as his tools

Woflhound fightwear is owned and run by a team of passionate martial artists and we know how important your Gi/Kimono is.  Our products have been put through rigorous testing before going to market. As competitors we regularly face tests of skill, character and strength and in order to succeed, we know that our customers have to rely on top quality gear. Like the old expression 'a tradesman Is only as good as his tools' a competing martial artist must get the very best apparel they can afford - there is no point in training for months and being let down by bad equipment. At Woflhound Fightwear, we understand this as we ARE martial artists and we compete. We know that there is no point in creating a stylish and unique Gi/kimono that isn't strong, durable and comfortable. That is why you will see that all our products are made to the highest standard and easily on a par with the very best offerings of established brands. 

To put it simply, if we wouldn't wear it, we wouldn't produce it. 

Working with the community

At Wolfhound fightwear we plan on working with the community to help develop the sport in Ireland and abroad. We have a number of community initiatives that we will be rolling out as the brand develops and we hope to work with clubs at home and abroad.